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Great show T&T


Jack Warner you deserve the credit for this tournament.

Trinidad and Tobago has stepped up to the big time once again. This time time have hosted the biggest football event in it's history with the completion of the World Under 17 competition. 

Trinidad and Tobago pulled together the all the organizational skills it had and completed a tournament that would have left other countries it's size in disarray. 

The tournament has left a legacy that should last for sometime to come. First the physical infrastructure of four new stadiums will last for sometime. However, it remains to be seen if they will be maintained. Moreover the tournament has left a blue print for future national teams.

This under 17 team should produce three future European professionals and the nucleus of the Under 20, Olympic and senior squads to come.

What remains to be seen is if we can keep this same level of organization that saw T&T come up tops in the Under 17 tournament.   

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Last updated: Saturday October 6th 2001

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