Welcome folks to my homepage dedicated to Trinidad and Tobago football. Trinidad and Tobago is the number one team in the Caribbean. This year they find themselves right in the middle of qualifying for the World Cup in France in 1998. This page is designed to provide information to the various football fans worldwide. This page was created as a reference to those folks who want to know the strength of Trinidad and Tobago.

Another reason for this page is to show the world that Trinidad and Tobago has other players than Dwight Yorke at Aston Villa or Russel Latapy at Boavista. Do you know that the third leading goal scorer in Portugal this past season was Leonson Lewis with 15 goals? Also, do you know that in total Trinidad and Tobago players scored over 50 goals in European competetion last year?

As Trinidad and Tobago moves toward qualifying to France they will have alot to prove. This year may represent the "three is a charm" theory. After being robbed of a game back in 1974 by a bias refree; (he disallowed four goals versus Haiti in which T&T woild have won). Later on November 19th,1989 the "goal heard around T&T", by an US defender tossed the Calypso boys out of the World Cup in Italy. (All they needed was a tie to advance). Trinidad and Tobago would have been the smallest country ever to qualify for the World Cup if they got past this these two major hurdles.

Here is a little something about myself. I am a Poltical science student at the University of Toronto . I saw a game last year between Canada and T&T and didn't know who was playing for TT. Later I made it a mission to find out more the team. I looked around for information and ran into Gary Pena who supplied me with a list of foriegh based pros on the squad. Later he was a great help in providing me with tapes of T&T games. I also ran into my internet pal in Trinidad named Sanjiva Persad . He provided me with all the information I requested. My girlfriend came up with a idea for the webb page dedicated to T&T football. Finally, my younger brother in T&T will be on my case if I don't mention his name. He is Alec Purcell and a senior at San Juan Secondary.

We wish the Calypso boys all the luck in the world.

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