Saturday, April 3, 1999

Brothers make right Connection


W Connection. That's the name of the one of the newest and well organised clubs in local football.

What does the W stand for, many people are asking.

Williams. David and Patrick, two brothers from the southland who are determined to form a successful team in local professional football.

For David, the main man behind the team's birth, the long held dream is slowly becoming a reality.

Despite having little experience at the highest level in local football, the south based unit has already impressed all in their approach since being selected as one of eight teams to play in the Craven A Professional Football League which kicked off on Wednesday.

From what has already been seen of this club, there is expected to be an endless buzz at the team's home ground at Guaracara Park during the PFL.

Williams, so eager to form a team of substance, hired Stuart Charles Fevrier, former St Lucian national coach, to guide his team with Norris Ferguson serving as manager.

Connection have already been able to sign a three-year deal with Italian clothing company Errea, worth $500,000, and a similar contract with Apta, an Italian footwear firm.

The man responsible for ensuring that the club's business runs smoothly is marketing manager Peter Millar.

Also among members of the technical staff are Jan Steadman, Errol Lovell and Leroy Spann.

Connection possess a promising mix of experienced players and youthful stars, and the PFL challenge should spur them on to greater things.

Their list of players include former Strike Squad member Colvin Hutchinson, who had been on trial at English club Aston Villa the same time as Dwight Yorke.

Now Hutchinson finally gets the chance to play professionally. Present national members include Lyndon Andrews, Derek King, Sherwyn Julien and Reynold Carrington.

Some of the young talented players are Vijay Samaroo, a tough individual, capable of being an innovator against any opposition, Jason Suite, former St Benedict's College forward and secondary schools "Footballer of the Year," Addae Rique, Wesley Webb and Atiba Charles.

The squad also has five St Lucian players in former Courts Caledonia member Titus Elva, the nippy Anthony Maximin, Alvin Xavier, Elijah Joseph, Jonathan McVane, and two others from Sierra Leone in striker Abdulai Conteh and Charlie Wright.

Goalkeeper Darryl Sinnerine, who has been one of TT's long time professionals in Portugal and Indonesia has returned to test his skills between the uprights.

He will have to contest with Jefferson George, Anthony Marshall and Anthony Clarke for the 'keeping position.

With such a large scale of talent, Connection appear very strong on paper with players all capable of making an impact which is a key requirement for the success of the new PFL.

Connection have been mixing the sport with entertainment, having local artists performing at recent matches.

According to Williams, this is an attempt to get the crowds back to local football.

"Our aim is to get the crowd back at the matches by giving them extra value for their money with the entertainment," he said.

"We are trying to have the right mixture. We should have at least two to three thousand people in our grounds for our games," he said.

So far this team has shown real promise in their performance and level of commitment.

"We are preparing to take our football to an international level. We want to keep the country's flag flying high. We hope to create tough competition and to improve the local game," he said.

"Right now I'm very pleased with our progress. Despite this being our first year, we have already made a lot of progress," said Williams.

They recently beat Mabouya Valley of St Lucia in the second leg to win the Carib Inter Island Trophy competition on that island.

They opened their PFL campaign on Wednesday an auspicious note by defeating Police 4-0.

Even if success takes a while to come, W Connection are taking the local club game to new level.

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