No major alarms in PFL
by Shaun Fuentes

The Craven A professional football league is off and running with already four rounds of matches concluded.

Southerners W Connection are in the sole top position, unbeaten in four matches with a maximum 12 points. Powerhouses Defence Force and Joe Public have found themselves thrailing the newcomers but will not be too worried with there still being 24 rounds still to play.

So far, there has been the sacking of one coach, Nevick Denoon by Central side Doc's Khelwalaas.

On Monday, the PFL board, headed by CEO and commissioner Colin Prevatt, issued separate finings of $7,500 and $5,000 to Police Sports Club and Futgof respectively. Police were handed their fine because of failure to have their home ground, Skinner Park in suitable condition for professional football, while Futgof were charged because of unsuitable attire at the opening parade of teams on March 28 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

According to Peter Campbell, assistant CEO of Futgof, his side did take a different twist in their wear and they "took the fine a good stride, if they chose to make an example of us for the other teams, then so be it" he said.

Other than these occurences, there has not been cause for much alarms by those concerned with the league. A few managers took time out to share their views on how the league has gone so far.

Among those was Kirk De Freitas of CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh who feels "there has been an improvement in the stadard of refereeing,' but his major concern is not with the running of the PFL but that his Under 20 team has had to play at the same time as his senior team.

"This is a bit of shotlikeness on their part and is one aspect I would like them to look into."
Meanwhile,Major Brian Paul of Defence Force has had nothing to complain about adding "The league has been running fearly well and with respect to my team, we have been there before and the players are on a high. "

He is satisfied with the administration of the league, as well as how the other clubs have gone about their business. "Everyone wants to make a meaningful contribution." Futgof have lost three of four matches so far, but manager Michael Awai is not too concerned at this early stage. "Our team has shown that they can play the game at that level. We have a young bunch of players and and we are about developing them for later in the league and next season."

Awai feels that there should be opportunities for reserve teams of all eight clubs to display their talent, "even if it means having double headers" he said. Awai was not afraid in saying that he is not impressed with the standard of play and so more emphasis should be placed on the development of the game for better results later down the road."

Another  concern s is that the league is not being promoted as it should. They (PFL board) cannot expect the clubs to promote the league themselves. They are not placing enough emphasis on this" said Campbell. For the time being, according to league commissioner Prevatt, it's just a matter of time before all the right things are put into place. "Things are progressing smoothly. We are putting all the mechanisms in place to administrate the games as we would like" said Prevatt.