An open letter to Russell Latapy and Dwight Yorke

This letter is being written to you on behalf of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Supporters' Club (TTFSC). With members in the UK, USA, Canada and T&T, our objective is to assist local football financially and logistically.

We are well aware of the problems both of you are facing regarding leaving your clubs for internationals fixtures. Not only must you deal with the conflict of trying to appease both sides
(club and country), you must also put up with the regular ineptitude/lack of professionalism
of the TTFF.

For both of you this may very well be last opportunity at World Cup glory. The next 12 months will be critical for T&T football. We (the Supporters' Club) are asking you to find it in your heart and schedule to represent T&T in the necessary fixtures next year. With the right preparation T&T can go all the way, without it, no amount of Yorkes and Latapys will make a difference. The Gold Cup is a good place to start.It will be a wonderful mock trial for WC qualification, and as you should already know we facethe likes of Mexico in our first game.

Russell, you made the sacrifice in 1996 at the Gold Cup. You were aware that the team needed the necessary time and games to gel. Unfortunately your sacrifice was in vain. With a decent schedule of international games starting from early January 2000, we believe T&T certainly stands as good a chance as any of the other top CONCACAF teams, to qualify for the next WC in 2002. Naturally, the input of our two top players is vital to that effort.

Regarding your non-participation in some of the international friendlies so far, leading up to the Gold Cup, we're well aware that the TTFF must bear some responsibility in this matter. They must make you aware of the international schedule well in advance, stick to it and officially request release from your clubs as early as possible.

All we are asking is that you chat with Messrs. Camps/Warner/St. Clair, and whoever else necessary to sort this matter out. For the sake of T&T football do your best to work with the TTFF, despite their lack of professionalism at times. Your best is all we can ask of you, as we are hoping to see both of
you guys in the team for the coming Gold Cup, playing your part. Please work this situation out with the TTFF and lets put our best foot forward. Anticipating that you can do this, we would like to thank you on behalf of a grateful TTFSC and T&T football fans everywhere.

We know that in your heart you want to do well for your country. We wish you the best in
your future endeavours.

P S.
We T&T football supporters, regularly meet on the T&T Football Online web site (TTFOL
address:, to discuss various issues surrounding T&T football. We would appreciate input from yourselves and the other senior T&T football players from time to time.

It is your site as well as ours!  I believe Marc Purcell the site administrator plans to set-up Email accounts for all the T&T senior football players, including yourselves. Thus, we can send you questions, from which you can answer the top 10 on a monthly basis. We are pleased to hear that Russell, will once again be contributing a monthly column to the site, in addition to answering our top 10 email questions. Many thanks for your input Russell, and we hope the other players who can, will follow your great example.

Yours Sincerely,

T&T Football Supporters’ Club

Executive Club Members:
Veersen Bhoolai (Toronto, Canada)
Billy Mitchell (Manchester, UK)
Ian Henry (London, UK)
Jude Frederick (Miami, USA)
Celestine Smith (New York, USA)
Brian Springer (T&T)