Russell's Corner Kick 
Welcome to the November issue of Russell's corner kick. This month Russell discusses various issues ranging from Jamaica's World Cup Qualification to the use of overseas players. Thanks to Wayne Manderville in T&T for making all this happen.

Q. What do you think of Jamaica's recent success in the World Cup Qualifiers?

A.  I'm not surprise by Jamaica's recent success in their bid for aWorld Cup Concacaf spot. As a team and nation they a committed to at all cost to winning and I'm now recalling on my experience as a semi- pro player with Port Royal in 1990. A few years before the qualifiers began the made a decision to hire a  coach from Brazil which has made a significant in roads in there approach to the game. In addition, the Jamacian business community like those in Portugal made  major contributions to the game and team.They will be competitive in France, and I'll be on the sideline lending my support.

Q. Is there anything that we in Trinidad and Tobago can learn from the Jamaicans?

A.  We in Trinidad have the formular as you may remember with the srtrike square in1989. We had the support of the business men and the country, and that make a major difference. Jamaica has learned from our 89 experience.

Q. How would you solve the problems we suffered in the World Cup Qualifiers last year?

A.  We need a total commitment of our country, and by that I mean the business community, the schools, the government and the fans ( mothers, fathers, sons and daughters). There must be one goal, one deram, onemind-set, one people to achieve this reality.We cannot relive 1989, but there are lessons that were learned from that experience which will serve Trinidad and Tobago soccer well into the future.

Q. Scenario: Say there is a player in the English Premiership whose parents are from T&T. That automatically makes him a Trinidad and Tobago citizen and thus eligiable to play for  T&T under Fifa rules. Should the TTFA draft players from outside T&T to play for the senior team?

A.  TTFA has the responsibility of identify or assembling the best possible players to represent the country.However, it is up to an individual to decide weather or not he want to represent his country of birth or country of citizenship. The important factor is always the player, as his choices in life must be respected.

Q. T&T was granted the Under 17 World Championship in 2001, how do you think that it will help T&T football?

A.  I'm gald to see that Trinidad and Tobago will be the host of the under17 World Cup in2001. Portugal recently hosted the Under 17 tournment and I was impress with the standard of play and the administration off the field. My club Boavista played a role in the administrative aspect of
things. Hosting the tournment would help to motivate those who play the game at all levels as was recently my personnal experience and my mates at Boavista. In the end, if soccer in Trinidad and Tobago improve and we are competitive at all levels, then we would have made the gains we are
striving to achieve.

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