Jabloteh to sell shares


COLONIAL Life Financial Jabloteh Football Club will very soon be selling 49 percent of their shares for $20 each, mainly to former and existing members.

This was revealed yesterday by Vijay Bhaggan, vice president of the San Juan- based reigning national FA Trophy Cup champions.

Bhaggan explained yesterday that their decision was in keeping with the advent of the inaugural Professional League along with having ownership and to build a marketing strategy to once again get spectators interested.

Bhaggan further said that Jabloteh had always depended on the San Juan community for support, but "we are now looking to widen the net."

Parent company, San Juan Sports and Cultural Club, will retain 51 percent of the shares.

Asked how much money they were aiming to acquire, Bhaggan explained that 49 percent could reflect any amount and that it depended on how the response toward the shares went.

"We want to raise as much as possible, and we would like to touch base with almost everyone who played for Jabloteh. This could amount to a lot of players," Bhaggan pointed out.

Quizzed on whether or not the shares would be made available to the public, Bhaggan said they would first have to gauge the reception to the offer.

Bhaggan declined to comment on the existing rules and regulations on share offers with regards to the Security and Exchange Commission, saying that information would be released at the official launch.

Mean time, Bhaggan disclosed that Jabloteh's preparations for the first-ever Craven "A" Professional Football League was moving at a steady pace.

He said the team had been in training for the past six weeks and they had one of the country's best physiotherapists in Lester O'Souna, who was also with the Strike Squad.

Jabloteh's initial match is against Joe Public Football Club on March 31 when competition begins.

Bhaggan described Richard Fakoory's appointment as Jabloteh's assistant secretary at their recent annual general meeting as a great asset.

"His vast experience in football, not to mention his expertise and international connections are indeed a treasure to Jabloteh," he pointed out.

It is also understood that all players from Superstar Rangers Football Club will be available to Jabloteh.

Fakoory confirmed that all of his players are indeed accessible to Jabloteh, but he would not give up Rangers.

"Jabloteh would be like the godfather in helping Rangers," Fakoory said yesterday.

The Rangers manager also indicated that Jabloteh's administration had impressed him a great deal.

Fakoory left yesterday for the Sporting Goods Show in Atlanta, USA.