Stern John in action

The future is bright

After watching the under 23 players in action earlier this year in Edmonton, Alberta. It was clear to see that the standard of T&T football was on the up and up. Even though the calypso boys finished second to last, the failure should not be attributed to a lack of talent and effort. The failure should be placed on the lack of preparation the team was put through. The team was the least prepared team entering the Olympic qualifications. Compared to Canada who played the USA and the Under 23 Seria B teams, Trinidad and Tobago only played against local teams. However, this article is not to dwell on failure but to the future of the young stars who will make up tommorow's team.

Stokely Mason

Tommorow's T&T will be a balanced and exciting team. Where as in the past T&T teams have lacked a solid back four, this problem looks to be solved. In defence, thier is Marvin and Stokely Mason are two senior team members. Others waiting in the wings include Shawn Garcia, Avery John and Dwayne Demmin. Both John and Demmin both play for US schools. The net minder is David Austin. According to a commentator: "He is not the best goalee in the world, but he does everything that a goalee should do."

The midfield is a talented and fast one. The midfield senior team member's Travis Mulraine, Lyndon Andrews, Evans Wise and Arnold Dwarika. Dwarika and Wise both have European experiance. Waiting in the wings is Wesley Webb who plays in Indonesia.

Up front is a postion that has skill and experiance. Jerren Nixon and Stern John are both exciting players who have the scoring touch. Nixon plays for FC Zurich in Switzerland and John is expected to take up a contract with Medellin in Colombia. Not far behind is Mickey Trotman who plays for Mobile College in the US.

The future doesn't end with these players. One thing Trinidad and Tobago is known for is it's ability to produce good talent. One thing is clear with the quality of these players. If the talent generator keeps on churning out players with the likes of Wise and Dwarika, the future will be very bright for the advancement of T&T football.

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