My personal fight

Folks in the two years that TT Football Online I have never asked for anything. I have brought you the news and views about the game in T&T. However, I am making a personal plea to you.

Cancer  is a horrible disease that I know personally. A few years ago my mother passed away from cancer. For many years now some good people have been trying to find the cure for the disease. Therefore I am using my site to highlight the race for the cure.

I am therefore making a plea to those of you that visit my site. I ask you first to ask your mothers, sisters, aunts and other female family members to get themselves checkout. Early detection is the first step to defeating this deadly disease.

Secondly I am asking you to take part in one of the many events that various local organizations put together every year to raise money for research. I will try my best to highlight what is going on around the US and Canada.

There is a difference between hugging a family member and hugging a grave stone.

Visit Yahoo's list of cancer sites.

I thank you and so does my family.