Player Reports by Richard Goodard
Firstly I have to admit. This was a much better effort by T&T as a team. Yorke and Latas are the leaders and inspiration to this team and they showed how important to the team they are.

Yet still I think they were somewhat overshadowed by the return of Mr. Anthony Rougier, and how we welcomed it.

This win to me, as important as having Curry in Curry Crab an' Dumplins, is more of a confidence builder and momentum builder. The win against Canada will always remain as the day our fortunes changed.

Now for the analysis of the players, their collective positions and the general team performance.

Ranks go from 1 to 10.


Ince had probably the best game he's had in a while. On more than one occasion he had to produce outstanding saves to keep T&T in the game. His first real save was critical in keeping the score at 0-0 (the free kick in the 16th minute). His next huge save came when Hernandez got away from David and Elcock and hit a shot low to the left of Ince and again, he made the critical save. he looked very good with cross balls and just seemed more confident as the game progressed. I think he needs to control his penalty area some more. Also his goal kicks aren't the best (note I didn't say his punts) and he needs to be more confident with the ball on his foot. All and all Ince had a very good game and I do hope he will continue to imporve as he keeps on playing.
Rank 7.5

Frist mistake; we took too long to get the ball from defense to midfield to strikers, which forced defenders to boot passes up field for Yorke to deal with (I guess this was part midfield so I'll talk about it when assessing the midfielders' game. As I expected, the Mexicans exploited David on the right side time and time again. The best thing that happened to the defense and T&T (I'm not saying David getting injured is the best thing to happen to us) is when Mr. Anthony Rougier came on to replace David. For the rest of the game, if Mexico made two of those runs down the right side, they made a lot. We now realise the importance of having the former skipper on the field as a starter. Let's hope Mr. Porterfield and crew do what we expect him to do. Lawrence is fast becoming a star. His long legs and apparent jumping ability are constantly saving T&T from going 1 or 2 goals behind. Him, Andrews (the Twin Towers of our defense) Elcock and Rougier in the back, at least for now, could be the best combination we have defensively. If I'm wrong (and correct me if I am) the weakest player in that group could be Elcock. He just doesn't seem to be enjoying the game as much as he should. On more than one occasion he made some bad passes and got caught up in the play attacking more than he should. None the less, with this defense we should be able to withstand the attack of many teams in the world.

1st half-6.5 2nd half-8

David-6 (Rougier-8) Lawrence-8 Andrews-8 Elcock-7 Saunders-7


For most of the first half got left out of the attacking play, as the defense played numerous balls to Yorke up front, which kept them out of the play many times. The midfield seemed to have a brick wall behind them during the first 20 minutes of the game, causing most passes to go back to the defenders for them to take care of. There still needs to be more tracking by the midfield, especially by Latas. The first real chance in the game came because one player (I think it was Latapy himself) didn't track the guy. Had Hernandez finished it off; anyhow we will never know will we. The second half was much better as we went in search of that vital goal. This was very evident when Eve (I think) took our first shot of the game 1:16 into the second half. I don't know why Eve came out but he wasn't really in the game at any point in time. I thought Dwarika would be the change but I was wrong. Carrington had another strong game. His work rate is excellent and is a needed fit as the workhorse in the center of the field. Stokely had an all right game but needs to play at a higher level than Joe Public or whatever team he plays for at home. Just as with every other department so far, a much better performance and I hope we improve as qualifiers continue.

1st half-6.5 2nd half-7.5

Eve-6.5 Latapy-7.5 Carrington-7.5 Mason-7 Glasgow-7


Dwarika is not in the class of the "Duke", so why is he on the field? He couldn't trap a ball for himself and his family. Poor workrate; understatement of the year so far. Like I said before I thought Dwarika would leave the field for Glasgow to join Yorke. I'm sure many were of that opinion also but since that didn't happen, we can only question why.

I have to start a new paragraph to talk about the world-class international football star Mr. Dwight Yorke. How key is this man to our chances of going to the next Worls Cup? He's the master key of the building. He demanded the attention of every Mexican defender everytime he touched the ball. It was their mistake to have Yorke with the ball one-on one with a defender on top their penalty area and Latapy waiting for the layoff. His control, composure, calmness, confidence on the ball went with the label "The Best Football Player in the Concacaf Region". He has developed into the type of player others (like myself even though I'm a goalkeeper) should try to emmulate. World-Class, Naturally Good.

1st half-6.5 2nd half-8

Dwarika-5 Yorke-8.5

MVP's---------------------Lawrence, Andrews and Yorke
Most Improved Performance-Ince

There are some things we need to work on though.

1. Being the aggressor from the start of the game.
2. Using Yorke to benefit other players.
3. Being conscious of the quick restarts.
4. Constant help by midfielders on defensive end.
5. Finishing.
6. Limiting defensive breakdowns.

If you any input into my report feel free.

Congrats again and yes we're keeping the faith.

Later and respect.

Richard Goddard