Game Report
T&T 3 vs Antigua 2
July 24th, 1998
(Eye witness account via Shaun Fuentes)
The new players in Irasto Knights who scored a double and Kerwyn "Hardest"JEmmot gave satisfying
performances. The locals started well with an early opportunity in the ninth minute when
Stern's powerful volley slammed into the far post.Three goals in the first half proved to be enough but their display in the second period left alot to be desired.

Rougier's unnecessary tackle from behind in injury time meant he would miss the next match. John gave us a taste on what we had been seeing on local cable and reading about in the MLS with a rocket in the top left hand corner of the  net. All in all, not a bad performance but it was expected that they would have taken full advantage of the opportunity to go on a goal spree but disappointed with an unimpressive display in the second half.

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